If you lose your ticket, in case of air ticket you may purchase an alterna...

If you lose your ticket, in case of air ticket you may purchase an alternate ticket and refund later. In the case of JAL, when domestic air ticket is lost before departure or lodged in Go to the purchase store or the domestic flight counter of the JAL group Please make a lost report there Let's buy an alternative ticket if you continue the trip as it is necessary to receive a lost report and boarding certificate afterwards As long as details of the air ticket are unknown, it is not possible to accept the lost delivery, so it is good to take a copy of the air ticket such as the air ticket number or the effective date fare beforehand. Although there are also accidents, etc. If you can not find a ticket as it is, investigate based on the lost report and if you can confirm the unused unpaid of the ticket, refund At that time, if you send the lost report and boarding certificate that you kept back to Japan Airlines Domestic Lost Airline Ticket Desk, you will transfer the refund to your bank account The investigation period seems to take about 3 months, but it is expensive If it is airline ticket it is better to wait for it at all It is still about 2,000 yen per ticket as a survey fee Because we are refunding other than JAL, details are posted on each airline's website Please look

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